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For us, few things are as fulfilling as the honor of working with our nonprofit partners. While we love all of the work that we produce; the promotional, educational, and fundraising projects that we undertake for various nonprofit organizations add a great deal of depth to our work.

Project Details

To capture NJ Rise’s response to Covid-19, we utilized a docu-style approach, providing insight into the community through evocative visuals. A focused interviewed centered around the community served as the core of the narrative. Using first-hand accounts is so very important for a piece like this, as they provide an earnest testament to the difference that the organization can make in each of the lives that it touches. And, as always, we consider it a great honor to be involved with a small part of making that difference.

Client Review.

“Lance worked with us during COVID19 to promote our drive-thru food pantry in central NJ, USA. He was generous with time and changes midstream. The video creation in Spanish and English is just what we needed to get our message out! The original music was a bonus- Thank you!” –Leslie Koppel, Executive Director, NJ Rise

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