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For us, few things are as fulfilling as the honor of working with our nonprofit partners. While we love all of the work that we produce; the promotional, educational, and fundraising projects that we undertake for various nonprofit organizations add a great deal of depth to our work.

Project Details

For September Suicide Prevention Month, we partnered with Forgotten Not Gone, a 501(c)(3) Veteran for Purpose Organization that is dedicated to #StompingOutVeteranSuicide.

We worked closely with FNG founders Peter and Kelley Guidry to create a video to ask for the much-needed donations that keep this great organization running. We can only take so much credit for the potency of these videos, as it is truly the stories of the brave participants that serve as the foundation for such inspiring content.

We used a Jurassic 5 song called “Day at the Races” as a place holder for the underlying music we were going to create and add later, but the FNG founder liked it and found it fit the images of the rehabilitation trikes they use to help veterans get out of the house and reduce the harmful isolation that many returning veterans feel. So, we reached out to Jurassic 5 management about FNG’s cause and got Chali 2na’s management to agree to share the video on social media when it was done.

Client Review.

“We received the best service on our video edit project from Premium Audio Services. They read our video edit brief and returned their 1st draft back 90% complete with lightning speed. These video editing experts did not require much input at all from us and returned an incredible edit video that we are proud of. They are skilled Storytellers that over delivered on our project. We had in mind one way to tell our story for this video edit project, but PAS had a better way to reach our same goal. This is the Help our nonprofit needed to articulate a better story and get an expert to explain how to improve upon our messaging. We are excited and grateful for the effort and time that they put into this project! They live up to their company name Premium Audio Services!” –Peter & Kelley, Founders, Forgotten Not Gone

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