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For us, few things are as fulfilling as the honor of working with our nonprofit partners. While we love all of the work that we produce; the promotional, educational, and fundraising projects that we undertake for various nonprofit organizations add a great deal of depth to our work.

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For three decades, the Oregon Forest Resources Institute (OFRI) has used tax dollars to promote the logging industry. Though chartered to educate Oregonians about the state’s logging laws and expressly prohibited from lobbying, OFRI was exposed for consistently undermining scientific research, opposing reform efforts, and misleading Oregonians about the effectiveness of our forest laws in protecting critical resources like clean water and wildlife habitat.

We worked closely with Ralph Bloemers, co-founder and co-executive of Crag Law Center, to create a video to expose numerous recent incidents of illegal and unethical behavior by OFRI officials. These revelations make clear the need to eliminate OFRI and dedicate its funding to legitimate and pressing forest needs.


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