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Audio Services

We have a team of experts to offer you advice on equipment, tips to record your audiobook, and how to effectively market it to the widest possible audience. Our team will edit out any false starts, long pauses, filler words, or anything else they determine to be potentially distracting for your listeners. While not compromising the integrity or authenticity of your recording. Record, edit, and grow your audiobook with Premium Audio Services!

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Video Services

There is a growing trend of audiobook listeners tuning in on YouTube. If you want to maximize the potential reach of your audiobook, you need to distribute it in both audio and video formats. We can use a graphic, full-sized logo, or up to 5 still pictures of your choosing, that can be combined with your audiobook audio, and exported into the video format of your choosing. If you already have a video recording of your audiobook, we can insert your watermark to show during part of, or the entire episode. We can also do a basic insert of any graphics you might want, before and after your video.

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Launch Packages

Concentrate on your content while professionals handle the rest. This is a client-focused audiobook launch package that has been successfully utilized repeatedly by new authors. This package includes technical assistance, SEO advice, professional audiobook editing based on the audio lengths and arrangement complexity you wish, plus a unique production value tailored to your voice. We will handle all the publishing and future scheduling of episodes for you. So, if you would like to understand how easy it is to start building your audience and audiobook community today, whether for business or an independent project – get in touch via the email or schedule a call below.

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Custom Music

Nothing defines you as a first impression, and your audiobooks intro music is just that. It should be something that defines the tone, feel, and personality of your show. Premium Audio Services can help you select the right music for you. Choose from our extensive library of existing intro’s, that can be tailored to your needs, or let us customize something special just for you.

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Basics of Audiobooks

Our experts will help you understand and sort through the overwhelming number of options you face as a new author. We can help you develop your vision and plan strategies for your book that help your content evolve. There is a lot about what your book’s format should be defined before it can be marketed effectively. We will help you figure out your goals based on your available time and resources to maximize the potential of your audiobook.

Equipment & Recording

One of the most daunting parts of starting an audiobook is the equipment. The variety of prices and options can be overwhelming. What gear do I need? How do I hook it up and use it? How much do I really need to spend? What kind of space do I need? Premium Audio Services can help with all your questions as well as answer some that you did not know you had! Your recording environment can have a lot to do with how you record and what equipment you will need. We’ll teach you what can be done in post-production, and what should be addressed before it gets that far. The better you sound; the easier our editor’s job is. So, we really want to help you get it right.

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Content Creation

Learn ways to create engaging content and how it can be used. We’ll help you define the format of your show in a way that keeps your audience’s attention. How to use interchangeable themes, music, or segments that create a familiarity for your audience and keeps them coming back for more. We’ll teach you about the options at your disposal to maximize your content for SEO, and how they can be used across your social media platforms. You’ve spent a lot of time on your creation and we can help you get the most out of it.

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Optional add-ons for any plan

Having show notes, audiograms, and other engaging podcast marketing elements will help you grow your podcast audience and boost your visibility on Google.


Transcriptions are a written copy of the audio from your podcast that can be posted on your website. Why is this important you might ask? Well, the text in the transcription can be used to create Keywords that help Google and other search engines, rank you higher, and make you more visible to an audience. And, your transcription will be considered “original content.” This helps you rank higher with search engines because any posting of “original content” makes your page look both active and authoritative for providing something new. Making your content easy to digest for anyone, whatever their situation, will only help grow your audience.

Social Card

Let us help you create a stunning graphic, using the most intriguing quote from your podcast. A great tool to announce new episodes to your followers on social media. Capture the essence of why they should tune in to hear the new episode.


Drive people to your website or podcast by using Audiograms on social media. An audiogram pairs a still image with an audio clip from your podcast, overlaid with a dynamic waveform to create a short video. Choose the best clip from your podcast, and gain attention from a new audience.

YouTube Channel Setup

At Premium Audio Services we provide YouTube channel set up services for our worldwide clients. We will create your YouTube channel account and help manage it.

Want to reach millions of listeners?

We are well versed in the industry standards for audio quality, structure, and pacing. We can deliver a professional finished product that is ready for upload to all of the major distributors.

How it Works


Record the audio for your audiobook.


Upload your episode to your DropBox folder.


We professionally edit & mix your audiobook.


We deliver your audiobook ACX ready.

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Only Pay For What You Need

We offer various packages to fully narrate, produce, and or edit your audiobook at affordable rates. Our expertly trained team will make sure the audiobook production process is of box office standard quality to guarantee stores accept your audiobook on the first submission. We can offer voice talent from our network of voice actors or polish up a book read by the author. We can be as hands-on (or hands-off as needed).


UP TO 100 PAGES (or 2 finished hours)
Audiobook Editing
ACX Mastering Standards
Full Production Services
Client Review
Highest Quality Audiobook Editing & Mastering. Box Office Level.


UP TO 200 PAGES (or 4 finished hours)
Audiobook Editing
ACX Mastering Standards
Full Production Services
Client Review
Highest Quality Audiobook Editing & Mastering. Box Office Level.


UP TO 400 PAGES (or 9 finished hours)
Audiobook Editing
ACX Mastering Standards
Full Production Services
Client Review
Highest Quality Audiobook Editing & Mastering. Box Office Level.

*Additional charges may apply. See our Terms of Service for more.

Full Production Services Include:


What Our Clients Say

  • "This team was fantastic to work with - easy, quick to reply, creative."
    Leah Fraley, Executive Director
    SCAN of Northern Virginia
  • "We received the best service on our video edit project from Premium Audio Services. They read our video edit brief and returned their 1st draft back 90% complete with lightning speed. These video editing experts did not require much input at all from us and returned an incredible edit video that we are proud of. They are skilled Storytellers that over delivered on our project. We had in mind one way to tell our story for this video edit project, but PAS had a better way to reach our same goal. This is the Help our nonprofit needed to articulate a better story and get an expert to explain how to improve upon our messaging. We are excited and grateful for the effort and time that they put into this project! They live up to their company name Premium Audio Services!"
    Peter & Kelley, Founders
    Forgotten Not Gone
  • Microguagua
    "We contacted Lance for a video clip and a lyrics video. The result has been exactly what we expected. He's very quick answering and proposing new ideas. Totally recommended!!"
    Francesco Tano Casatta, Singer
  • Making Media. Hearst
    "I really enjoyed working with Premium Audio Services and will be sure to recommend them or hopefully have another opportunity to hire them in the future. They are an absolute delight to work with."
    Allison Keane, Executive Director of Public Relations
    Hearst Media
  • BuddyCRuze
    "Lance and Premium Audio Services are just amazing! The work he's done for me is beyond what was expected. His ability to take my vision and not only realize it but take it to another level is JUST what my business needed. I cannot wait to work with him again!"
    Buddy C. Ruze, Composer
    Buddy C. Ruze
  • Author David Pierson
    "Premium Audio Services have raised the audio bar with a skill set that is as unique as they are. Their combination of imagination, and technical precision makes them a must hire in my opinion."
    David Pierson, Author
    David Pierson
  • Laura Reeves, Pure Dog Talk
    "Lance is absolutely a godsend! He has been instrumental in the success of Pure Dog Talk podcast by maintaining the highest levels of audio quality, but also with his willingness to turn around a file in a hurry when needed, his great advice on outside projects and general good humor. Five stars doesn't even cover it!"
    Laura Reeves, Owner
    Pure Dog Talk
  • "Lance worked with us during COVID19 to promote our drive-thru food pantry in central NJ, USA. He was generous with time and changes midstream. The video creation in Spanish and English is just what we needed to get our message out! The original music was a bonus- Thank you!"
    Leslie Koppel, Executive Director
    NJ Rise

Clients & Examples

Questions? Help is here!

We love questions! And we try to answer them in a few different ways.
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What’s included in the service?

We make sure every podcast sounds it's best. That means we use techniques like mastering, volume leveling, room reverb removal, de-ss/anti-hiss/anti-hum, and much more to ensure everything sounds first-rate

Do I need to provide guidance?

You don't have to, as our team handles everything, but if you have a specific direction in mind then feel free to let us know.

Will my podcast sound perfect?

That mostly depends on the recording conditions and the equipment you use. We’re only professional audio engineers, not wizards. We know many audio tricks, but we can't do magic.

How long does it take to edit podcasts?

That depends on your audio's total length. Once you've sent over your podcast, someone will be in touch with a delivery date. Typically, we offer our customers a 48-hour turnaround time on their submissions.

How much does it cost?

Choose a package that works for your podcasting schedule. If there are special requirements it may vary slightly.

What payments do you accept?

Premium Audio Services accepts PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard Credit/Debit cards.

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